a picture of myself, dark blond hair with a fringe, wearing a black sweater with pink motifs and smiling in front of an old, blue wooden gate

Preserving the spirit of childood for life means preserving the curiosity of learning, the pleasure to understand, the desire to communicate. (translated from Bruno Munari)

I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Department of Statistics at the University of California Irvine. I am jointly advised by Erik Sudderth and Michele Guindani . My PhD research focuses on the development of Bayesian Nonparametric models for the analysis of network and multivariate time-series data.

I have also been working on projects related to statistics and data science education , with Mine Dogucu as my ‘honorary advisor’. I have created the R package gradetools to assist data science teachers with grading and providing feedback to their students.

On my way to finding Statistics, I studied Economics with a focus on causal inference and microeconometrics. Before that, my roots were grounded in humanistic and social subjects: in my BSc, I learned about Anthropology, Sociology and Contemporary Arts, as well as Law, Accounting and Management.

There are many things I enjoy doing, among which hiking and traveling, playing board games and cooking.